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Links to Medical Research Reports

European Urology sept 2005
This issue of European Urology from 2005 summarizes 62 reports of research. The conclusion is that pressure from bicycle seats affects almost all men, but that the symptoms vary considerably. Here is the abstract:

Results: The reported incidence of bicycling related urogenital symptoms varies considerably. The most common bicycling associated urogenital problems are nerve entrapment syndromes presenting as genitalia numbness, which is reported in 50–91% of the cyclists, followed by erectile dysfunction reported in 13–24%. Other less common symptoms include priapism, penile thrombosis, infertility, hematuria, torsion of spermatic cord, prostatitis, perineal nodular induration and elevated serum PSA, which are reported only sporadically.

Journal of Sexual Medicine 2005
An issue devoted to bicycle seat problems, with several original articles. Unfortunately they are not public, you have to buy them as pdf files. Short abstracts are on the web site. Some of the articles report from experiments with different kinds of seats. The conclusion is clear: a slightly forward tilted seat with a very short nose eliminates most of the problems. We studied these designs thoroughly when we designed the Vingsadel.

National Institute for Occupational Safety conducted a long term study on bicycle patrol police officers. This is the report. Again, it shows that using traditional saddles causes well known problems and that using a noseless saddle reduces them considerable. An interesting result is that also a main part of the police officers who did not suffer from extensive problems chose to continue using a saddle resembling the Vingsadel after the experiment. That is also our experience - at first it feels awkward to cycle using a saddle like this, but after a while you get used to it and and will appreciate the benefits.

NIOSH educational video
A video on YouTube for professionals doing a lot of bike riding in their work. Shows very clearly the consequences of riding a traditional seat and why a no-nose seat eliminates the problem. Watch it immediately!

Medical Hypotheses
In this issue of the journal Medical Hypotheses there is a hypothesis about the long term erectile dysfunction and numbness caused by bicycle seats. It puts the blame not on arteries put under pressure but on nerves. Mostly interesteing from a medical point of view and only the abstract is public.

Sports Medicine
This German article is not public but the abstract is, and it reports from clinical tests that once again show that about 70% of the blood circulation in arteries under pressure from the seat is lost. More than half of the participants in interviews stated problems with numbness. One out of five who cycled more than 400km per week stated erectile dysfunction.