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Nine years ago I began cycling as a means of recreation & fitness... Let me tell you all was not well "down there" with the pain inflicted by regular bike saddles. I tried them all; wide, narrow, gel, split down the centre... Yes they all had the same effect in that they exerted pressure to the perennium resulting in unnecessary pain...

As an avid reader of cycling magazines I came across a "different" saddle, Ergo the Seat, which I duly purchased, got used to & used till it wore out. Then along came DD Wings, which I purchased & used for several years... this was a massive saddle some 30+ cm wide & it weighed in as very heavy. Now both these saddles solved my problem & replaced the "pain of cycling" with the "pleasure of cycling". Then along comes a friend who tells me of the Vingsadel, which soon arrived in the mail.

I am happy to report that the Vingsadel has been tried & tested in "outback Australia" & comes up a winner.

My most recent adventure was to central Australia & Alice Springs, where I cycled for 2 weeks & some 500 kms with a friend. We were both with dual suspension mountain bikes & trailers. Carrying some 25 litres of water each, food, & camping equipment we set out into the East Macdonald ranges. Cycling for 2 weeks on mostly unsealed roads... yes some tough cycling where one really needs to keep focused to keep upright on the bike & maintain momentum.

Now in my true fashion I had not done any prior training for this ride!!! No worries thou... with the Vingsadel I had no need for padded cycling nicks, no need for special creams to soothe chafing, simply no sore butt!!! Now during my cycling life I encounter many people of around my age who start cycling, only to stop due to problems with saddles & sore butts. Well the solution is simple, get a Vingsadel & turn the pain to pleasure!!!