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Two things are important when mounting the seat: it should be positioned two or three inches lower than an ordinary seat, and as far back as possible. Mount the seatpost as far to the front as possible on the rails and in an angle positioning the rails horizontally. The seat will tilt forwards, this angle has been thoroughly tested by us.

A seatpost does not come with the seat, there are lots of models and you must get one matching your bike, or use the one on your old seat. The seatpost should have the standard fitting of two parallel rails.


The first impression is usually a bit surprising. Riding on a seat tilting forwards is at first uncomfortable. But you get used to it faster than expected and the reward is great: no numbness, no shrinking, no ...

So do not alter the tilting of the seat, at least not until you get used to it. If you find yourself sitting a bit too far forwards and not having your sit bones on the soft part of the seat, right above the shaft, then your seat is probably mounted too far to the front or too high. Try to get into a habit of having your sit bones far back. As a result of the tilting and short nose you might experience more weight on your arms and shoulders, but again - you get used to it and the reward is great!